Our company is one of the outstanding companies in Gassy Damper business field and has 17 years experiences. It was established in 2000 and dealing with not only the production of Gas Damper but also the production of 'bed' in the sector of furniture. It manufactures the Gas Springs used in desk lids, passenger seats and engine bonnets on all ranges of cars, buses, minibuses, lorries and trucks. It also manufactures Gas Springs used in the cabins and lids of working machines, the furniture and some industrial field. The aim of our company is not only provide maximum practicality and controlled movement but also contribute to ease of use. As a company, we take heed of pattern request of our customers. The production of gassy damper is made with all control by our technical department as soon as possible according to demand of our customer. As a firm, the meaning of the importance to quality is not having a certificate but giving the high standard and make our customers satisfied. According to the comprehension of our company the production of good quality is faith to customer's orders, punctuality of the delivery, new orders and satisfied customers.

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